Frequently Asked Questions...

We evaluate our pricing each year based on several factors, such as competitors, quality & technology used. Our current prices can be viewed here.

Due to the nature of the work & time element involved in producing virtual tours, all tours below £2,500 need to be paid in full – in advance of the photographers visit.

Tour values of £2,501 and £6,000 may be paid 50% in advance, and 50% no later than one week after the tour has been published.

Tour values of £6,001 and above, may be paid 33% in advance, 33% no later than one week after the tour has been published, and the final 34% no later than 37 days after the publish date.

Clients who have multiple shoots / locations may be offered a different solution to above, please speak to us about options.

We reserve the right to charge late payment penalties and interest if payments are not paid when due. More info is clarified in the terms & conditions which is agreed by email.