Estate Agents... Alternative option

We are pleased to offer an alternative option for estate agents to offer 360 degree virtual tours for their clients’ properties – without huge initial outlay for equipment, or monthly licensing costs & hosting costs.

As well as our standard high-quality, high resolution tours, shot on our DSLR cameras, we offer a very cost-effcective option.

We recommend the TRISIO camera – which is a small affordable (less than £370), simple to use camera – which is operated via your smartphone, and a light stand – much cheaper than a tripod

“Learning to operate” time is minutes…

Photos are processed and created on your phone in less than a minute each – so you can generally cover a small house in 10-15 minutes.

The images are saved in the Trisio app on your phone, which when back at your office/home – transfer to your Google Drive account – which you can share with us to download and build into a tour for you – publishing to our server and giving you a single URL to use on your website / rightmove / social media etc. 

We can track how many times the tour has been viewed – useful info for you and your client, and can provide live realtime figures when needed.

This simple solution costs the price of the camera – arround £370, a light stand – around £17, then the build cost by us – which includes:

Building, branding, hosting, stats when you need them for a one off fee

24 working hours turn around time – maximum

Our is price determined by the quantity required per month / quarter or year. Please do get in touch to enquire.

Here's a couple we made earlier....

And here's a High-Rez camera tour with voice-over, photos, map & floorplan