Google Outside

We are currently trialling new Google StreetView technology which allows us to shoot streetview images from on top of our car, process and publish to Google Streetview in a matter of mere days. This is particularly important for clients who need newer up-to-date mapping technology that the official Google car has not yet got around to – and maybe many more years until it does.

This is particularly important and useful to:

  • Councils & Local Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Ambulance and Fire Service
  • Property Developers – Marketing new sites to a global audience who can only see brown/green fields on Google maps.

Imagery can be processed – AND reshot and added to / or replaced as regular as you need.

Photography like this can be added to Google for everyone to be able to see it – OR it can be hosted on a private webserver and even password protected. Using a hosted method other than Google-hosted, will allow us to tag streets /buildings etc – and add menus for faster navigation to key areas.

Click the image below for a sample