Virtual reality tours are shot and produced the same way as Google StreetView tours. Once a tour is built, hosted virtual reality tours are created and saved online – but not on Google Maps. It is ideal for private tours, estate agents and anyone wanting a tour but wish to be in control of who can view it. Virtual Reality Tours can be password protected if required.

Tours are accessed via a URL – so can be added to your website, social media or even as links sent in an email.

Additional to what you can see on a Google Tour, a basic menu can be added which will allow the viewer to choose a specific location on the tour and jump straight to it.

Viewing the tours can be on a computer, tablet or phone – AND with a VR headset – such as a VR Box from Amazon – around £9.

A VR headset – such as the VR Box – or even the Google Cardboard, allows you to insert and use your smartphone as the screen – which when viewing a VR tour – puts you in the picture, able to look and move about a tour.

Pricing is as a Google Tour Plus £35.

See some VR Tours below – and use your goggles!

Clare Darbyshire Opticians

The Barn House

Should have gone to… Wellington

Ascendancy Internet Marketing

Virtual Reality YouTube Video

As the tour above, we can export these images into a video – also with music, to an mp4 for upload to YouTube. This video plays as a series of slides that the viewer waring a VR headset can watch a walkthrough of your tour, turning their head to look around – and the tour moves along automatically. If these tours are viewed on a computer, phone, tablet, TV etc, the viewer can control where they look with their mouse etc.

Pricing is as a Google Tour Plus £35.

See the YouTube sample…

View a Virtual Reality video of the Ironbridge Museums Art in the Community Exhibition