VirtuallyThere have teamed up with Coolgoldfish Designs to offer their fantastic televisual displays as part of the media services that we are offering.

Firstly a question!

If you’re a public facing business and you’re not utilising a Televisual Screen Display – then why not? You’re really missing an opportunity to build relationships with your customers and to offer them something they crave from you! – Communication!
They will make your customers feel valued, they will feel that you are giving them your attention.

Televisual Screen Displays should never be used just to sell sell sell! That’s a guaranteed way of making your clientele switch off! You’ll come across as pushy and money orientated. You’ll push your client away rather than entice them to stay!

A screen display should act as a magnet to the eye. A tailor-made for YOUR business screen display from us will create an anticipation of what’s coming next. It will stimulate the viewer & capture their attention.

A custom made screen display will allow you to tell YOUR story and show your clients how wonderful you really are!

By offering a venue specific display rather than a generic one, this will allow your clients to genuinely feel appreciated and valued – and when a customer feels like that, they come back as it installs a sense of loyalty.

So utilise our tailor-made service in your business to educate, inform and entertain your customers as we relay the story of how brilliant you are!

That’s why we proudly proclaim this tag line;

Coolgoldfish Designs – We’ll turn your captive audience into a CAPTIVATED one

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