Head Shots

Hi Fellow BNI members!

I will be booking LifeGroup’s studio w/c 3rd April to do some headshots, and will be offering my services at a super-duper rate to all Shropshire members and their employees.

The date is to be confirmed – and i’ll put it to the poll shortly, but the offer is as follows:

Per Person:
15-20 photos taken, 
I will select the 10 best and show them to you on an online album,
You select your favourite three – which I will edit and supply you with various sizes for social media, and a high-rez for print,
I will supply the un-edited seven RAW (or JPEG if you prefer) images for you to do with what you wish.

The price per person is £30 + VAT

Please complete the form below if you are interested so I can get an idea of numbers and how many hours I will need to book the studio for.

Thank you :)