Raise your expectations

Unlike Rodney’s MALP on a stick, our telescopic tripod reaches 7.2m high – so we can do low-level aeial photography, video and Panoramic photography.

The tripod has a remote controlled robotic head on the top to control the camera – so we ensure we get the shot before we take the camera down.

Whether it manages to penetrate ancient force fields tho still remains to be seen!

(Stargate Atlantis credit)

malp on a stick

This tripod allows us to easily get to a sufficient height for pictures, video and panoramic images – above crowds, or just to give the height required to really improve a photograph of property for estate agents and developers.

Click the image below to see some sample panarama shots using the high tripod.

suitable for:

  • Estate Agents
  • Group Photos
  • Sports events
  • Panoramas
  • Roof Inspections
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