Virtual Tours for Holiday Rental & Gîte Owners


Show your potential guests your accommodation from all angles – you can take the pictures and send to us to make a quality Virtual Tour picture of your building – inside and out. Stand out from your competitors by offering virtual tours on your website, websites you advertise on – like holidayrentals etc. If you have your own website – we can send you the finished files to upload on to your server – or we can host it all for you and provide you a link to use everywhere you advertise.

Add as many images as you like to a tour – whether its a single shot – or every room in the house and several pictures around the garden – its all contained within one link, that you can easily add to your website, attach the link in your marketing emails or even have a QR code to scan on mobile devices. The tours can be displayed on the page as above, or in a pop-up window, or even full screen.

View full screen – click full-screen at the bottom of the image above. The menu at the top left shows the different views.

We can customise the layout and colours – and add your logo/branding. You can take the photos and send to us to produce the tour, or we can visit and take care of everything for you.

Contact us to discuss or order now, to provide a quality tour for you.

We can host the tours on our servers – or upload them direct to your web server.

See our Gallery to see what we can do for you. We can add your accommodation to our gallery too with a link to your site!

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La Basse Cour B&B - Normandy

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